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I can help you with financing, taxation, divestiture planning, acquisitions, succession planning, and visioning. 

Since earning my Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designation in 2016, I’ve helped families find common ground and harmony in support of their business and personal goals. To do this, I dig deeply into a company’s strategic priorities, unearth potential conflicts that could arise, and work to resolve them before they impact both the business and the family. This helps great businesses avoid family conflict and great families avoid business conflict. 

My expertise extends from the practical matters of running a business—succession, governance, planning—to the less tangible, interpersonal skills needed to align diverse points of view—active listening, communication, adaptability. 

Helping family businesses succeed is a natural extension of my personal interests. Outside of work, I enjoy researching my family roots, routinely travelling to Italy to uncover new chapters of our history. Looking back through time, you see the similarities and differences between generations, and the common traits that reveal themselves no matter where in time you look. You also see clearly that families that find ways to work together can overcome most challenges, which is a lesson I routinely apply to my work. 

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