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Malaika Mendonsa

When it comes to my clients, it’s important for me to understand all aspects of their business and identify risks and opportunities to help frame their service profile and address their unique and evolving needs. I enjoy leveraging our cross-functional teams, open communication, and client collaboration to pinpoint any tax and financial reporting issues, and deliver proactive solutions and information updates.  


As a partner in Grant Thornton’s Tax Reporting and Advisory practice, with over 15 years of public accounting experience, I specialize in advising multinational companies that operate in Canada.  I’ve worked with corporate clients in manufacturing and distribution, energy, mining, and technology on a broad range of Canadian and international tax compliance, accounting and planning matters. This includes tax due diligence, financial reporting, acquisition structuring, and cross-border transactions. My goal is to go beyond the tax compliance requirements, dig deeper to understand a client’s operational pain points and use my knowledge and experience to provide a resolution.

When I’m not in the office, I like to travel with my family, participate in recreational sports, and attend local events in my community.

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