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Principal, Tax

Nathalie Amirault

I can help with succession, estate, and tax planning.  

Bringing in-depth tax expertise, I help businesses see the benefits of efficient tax planning and use it to reach their business goals. Exposed to assurance, advisory, and consulting for investment companies in the past, I now specialize in helping high net-worth-individuals and small to medium-sized family-owned businesses. I also help ensure that my clients’ family businesses pass safely and tax efficiently from one generation to next as a designated Trust and Estate Practitioner. 

I do my best to know my client’s priorities, challenges, and goals so that I can help them make informed decisions based on their personal and business circumstances.  My goal is always to speak my client’s language by delivering complex tax concepts in a way that they can understand. I’m also always just a call away if they need advice or a question answered.

Relying on years of teaching CPA in-depth and general practitioner courses, I work with my colleagues to help them gain more tax knowledge and expertise. This includes having brainstorming sessions, or even stress testing their tax plans. I’m very diligent about keeping myself, and others, informed on our evolving tax landscape as a Governor of the Canadian Tax Foundation. Outside of work, I enjoy being at home with my family or supporting my kids in their sporting activities. 

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