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Patricia Lam

My current role is as Partner in assurance at the Vancouver office, with a focus on privately held business. I oversee client engagements and relationships, as well as the Assurance manager group—which I am responsible for holding accountable for shared leadership initiatives and annual goals. I also act as a mentor and coach for senior members in our accountant group.

In the past I’ve worked with clients from a number of different industries, including manufacturing, real estate, service, professionals and more. One of my main priorities, regardless of industry, is to clearly communicate with my clients from start to finish. By setting clear expectations and responsibilities, clients understand what to expect and it leads to less ambiguity later in the process.

Many clients can find accounting very daunting, so it is important for me to create a safe environment where they are free to ask questions and be heard. I feel it is important for Grant Thornton to reflect the same environment, so I am an active member of our Inclusiveness Committee. We focus on creating an inclusive and diverse work environment by addressing issues such as unconscious bias, and working to better support those taking parental leave.

Outside of work, I am currently seeking a volunteer position where I can help children and/or single parents. When I travel, I also love wandering and exploring the city and getting lost in museums, but more than anything I love spending time with my two boys and my husband.

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