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Phil Clarke

As a partner in Recovery and Reorganization for the Grant Thornton Advisory service line, I leverage over 20 years of professional experience providing financial restructuring, strategy and operation consulting services to a diverse range of individual and corporate clients, including those in the industrial manufacturing, real estate, agriculture, consumer products, fishing, construction, shipping, fabrication and automotive industries.

My aim is to provide clients across Atlantic Canada with the services they need to achieve their value and growth objectives.

For instance, I can help underperforming companies regain stability, implement a recovery strategy, communicate with stakeholders, reduce working capital requirements, achieve rapid performance improvement, lower costs and streamline their corporate structure. If a company needs to sell or wind down, I can assist with a controlled exit plan that maximizes returns, mitigates delays and keeps costs under control. I also work with companies undergoing formal or informal insolvency proceedings with services that include court and private receiverships, agency appointments and bankruptcy proceedings.

If a company is searching for ways to close the gap between business ideas and results, I can help them improve their finance functions by balancing their transaction processing, decision support and internal controls; restructure their finance departments; improve their financial reporting processes; and reduce the amount of time required for preparation of financial statements, budgets and forecasts.

When I’m not at work or enjoying the wonders this world has to offer, you can find me volunteering extensively in the community as a Knight in the Order of St. John and Past Chair and Hospitaler of St. John Ambulance Canada, Board Member St. John Ambulance Foundation, or playing hockey or curling at the Mayflower Curling Club.

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