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Ryan Wildman

I’m an assurance partner and the Canadian Director of Quality Monitoring at the firm. In this dual role, I provide trusted and timely assurance services for my clients, while ensuring that our company is fully meeting all regulatory requirements.

I have over 13 years of experience serving assurance clients with a specific focus on dynamic businesses—both privately held and publicly traded—across a variety of industries and sectors. With every client, my goal is to build additional quality and efficiencies into the auditing process, drawing on extensive experience and a deep knowledge of the auditing standards for Canadian, U.S. and international companies.

Having worked in the National Auditing Standards group for five years, I’m currently responsible for the leadership and oversight of Grant Thornton’s Internal Monitoring Program for Canada, as well as for managing relationships with external assurance regulators. I’ve also been responsible for development and delivery of internal training for the assurance practice.

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