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Senior Manager, Tax

Sudha Correia

As a Senior Manager in the R&D and Government Incentives group, I’ve been helping clients realize the potential of their ideas and discover how they can accelerate their business’s growth for almost 20 years.  

A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Biology and Life Sciences program, with further studies in Engineering Systems and Computing, I’ve always been passionate about mathematics, physics and technology. This strong technical background combined with my refined knowledge of tax and financial analysis has allowed me to effectively support my clients in pushing beyond existing limitations and bringing their innovative solutions to life.  

I aim to make it easier to navigate complex government programs so my clients can better understand what opportunities are available to them, whether or not they meet the eligibility criteria and how they can access the funding they need to achieve their goals.  

A self-proclaimed foodie, I love trying new recipes and enjoy cooking and baking with my family. I’m also keen on exploring the many conservation areas around my home and always make time for splashing around at the beach.


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