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Troy Melnychuk

For the past 13 years, I've been advising private businesses in the Lower Mainland as they navigate Canada’s tax system. There is intrinsic value in helping hard-working owners and operators with their complex tax work, which has a significant impact on their bottom line. More than that, I always emphasize the need for effective tax compliance, as I know how critical that peace of mind is. I am thankful to be able to contribute, in a small way, to my clients’ growth and success, and am proud of their contributions to our local, provincial, and national economy.

Working with Grant Thornton has given me the unique opportunity to spearhead national programs in my own backyard; the Private Business Growth Award program, which highlights independent business success stories from across the country, and more recently, Shaping Vibrant Communities. I am excited to be leading our local team as we collaborate and connect with a cross-section of community leaders to talk about how we can make the Fraser Valley an even more vibrant region. If you are passionate about the Fraser Valley – let’s talk!

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