The Inaugural Cannabis Conference in the Windsor-Essex Region

Toronto, ON, Oct. 10, 2018 – On November 6, TheCannalysts and Grant Thornton LLP present the WE Cann™ Conference, a one-day event that profiles the present and future economic impact of the cannabis industry in Canada. With notable keynote speaker Vic Neufeld, CEO of Aphria, and additional speakers from Fox D Consulting and Tantalus Labs, the day will be charged with compelling topics, expert panels and in-depth discussions on economic spin-offs which future formats will provide. The Conference will take place in Leamington, Ontario, located in the Windsor-Essex region where there are many Cannabis-related companies.


“The mission of WE Cann™ is to bring together licensed producers, regulators and associated businesses of the cannabis industry, who have a vested interest in the Windsor-Essex region. It also serves as a platform for businesses to learn more about and tap into the cannabis sector,” said Trisha LeBlanc, Partner at Grant Thornton LLP. “There is a lot of attention on Canada, it is the first G7 country to legalize recreational adult cannabis. Working with TheCannalysts on this conference that brings together industry leaders is timely.”

Those attending the conference can benefit from learning about how cannabis will enable innovation, entrepreneurship, jobs and revenue streams. The conference will connect attendees with over 200 industry leaders from the agricultural, health and wellness, banking, and manufacturing industries to name a few.
“We are thrilled to be hosting this conference with Grant Thornton LLP and in the Windsor-Essex region, as it is on its way to becoming Canada’s cannabis production capital,” said Craig Wiggins, Managing Director of TheCannalysts. “We are looking forward to providing a setting where businesses can learn more about the industry and how to navigate through it. We are bringing a world-class cannabis conference to Windsor-Essex.”

The event will provide attendees with a full-day of individual speaker presentations and compelling sessions on cannabis operations, health, wellness and finance. To learn more visit the WE Cann™ Conference registration site.