Halifax, NS (September 24, 2018) – Grant Thornton LLP, a leader in accounting and advisory services, is collaborating with Volta, the Halifax-based innovation hub for entrepreneurs, to help grow Canadian startups.

The collaboration includes a permanent office for Grant Thornton on Volta’s lobby level. The new office space strengthens the support available for startups working out of Volta and will help the hub develop a more diverse community.

"Developing a stronger innovation ecosystem in Atlantic Canada is a team effort,” Jesse Rodgers, CEO of Volta. “Volta is proud to work with partners like Grant Thornton to help connect the startups in our community with companies that are committed to their development and growth,” said Rodgers.

As it is essential to foster the growth of Canadian startups, Grant Thornton is committed to helping new businesses transition successfully through all stages of development.  Grant Thornton aims to achieve this by consulting with new businesses on finances, government incentives, effective business planning and creating value for investors. 

“The startup community in Nova Scotia and across Canada has grown, and with that, the demand for our services and mentorship has increased too,” said Wade Taylor, Managing Partner, Nova Scotia. “Communities like Volta are critical to ensuring that early stage companies get access to the resources needed to grow and thrive.”

Together with Volta, we will make strides toward empowering Canadian startups. Volta is located at 1505 Barrington Street, Halifax.