Public utilities are vital to the health and safety of our communities. As a regulator, you play a key role in balancing various interests to minimize costs to customers while ensuring customers receive safe and reliable services and utilities, and also continue to be financially healthy and viable.

Having access to reliable, evidence-based information to guide and defend your decisions is essential.

Grant Thornton specializes in advisory services for regulatory bodies, agencies and governments that oversee utilities such as natural gas, power/electricity, water sewer/drainage, and waste management utilities. You can count on our experienced team for reliable, independent information and advice.

Better information leads to better decisions

In the regulatory world, decisions are often based on precedent and expert opinions. Our knowledge of the regulatory and rate-setting process in jurisdictions across Canada adds real value for our clients. We provide transparent, evidence-based advice because we understand the importance of support and justification for your decisions.

It is an ongoing challenge to assess rate changes in a way that is fair and considers the impact on all stakeholders – customers, taxpayers, employees, investors and the utility itself – not to mention recovering costs and earning an appropriate return in a highly capital-intensive industry. Our depth of knowledge and insights into best practices can help drive organizational success.

We can help you with:

  • cost of service studies
  • rates analysis
  • financial/economic modelling
  • cost of capital experts
  • performance Base Regulation (PBR) reviews
  • regulatory/utility benchmarking
  • financial policy review engagements.