Avoid errors and increase recoveries

Your business should avoid data errors—not the tax recoveries it’s entitled to. This can be difficult given the rapidly evolving indirect tax environment and other pressing business challenges, including growth, acquiring talent, new financial systems, and knowledge and resource limits.

Rely on a holistic approach

Our team provides a comprehensive review GST/HST, PST, QST and other indirect tax refunds and recoveries that you may be entitled to. We analyze your organization’s processes and general ledger data and apply legislation, administrative policies and court decisions to determine if there are any gaps or missed opportunities to maximize refunds. We work with clients to design a fee structure that best meets their objectives including contingent and hybrid arrangements.

From charities and public organizations to the service industry and manufacturers, our clients span many sectors and rely on us to identify issues and recommend best practice processes to put them in a better position going forward. We can also provide enhanced insights into your purchase transactions using data analytics. 

Our team of experts can support you with:

  • cash recovery
  • improving future cashflow
  • identifying areas of potential exposure and compliance
  • planning and evaluating elections
  • building better processes to maximize recoveries
  • mitigating potential exposures and areas of non-compliance with our health check

Please reach out to your Grant Thornton advisor if you would like to learn more or contact us here.