Past Event: June 23, 2022

Business has profoundly changed. Disrupted models, a volatile economy, and a remote work force continue to make businesses vulnerable to risk. Only those that reimagine their environment and operations can perform best. The Grant Thornton/Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) post-pandemic fraud survey illustrates a rise in fraud cases with more expected in 2022. Over half (51%) of organizations have uncovered more fraud since the onset of the pandemic, and 71% expect the level of fraud impacting their organizations to increase over the next year.   


Shifts in business operations and changing consumer behaviours are the top two risk factors expected to impact the fraud landscape in the coming year. Many organizations have responded by increasing their use of technology to safeguard against fraud while managing the process remotely. According to the Grant Thornton/ACFE survey, 38% of organizations increased their budget for anti-fraud technology in 2021—making it the most common area to invest in. What can you do to protect your business and your employees? Evolving your anti-fraud program can help strengthen your defenses.  


Is your business ready to face this new reality? 

Join us as we:

  • identify top challenges and risk factors of fraud that could hurt your business 
  • discuss recent fraud cases through the lens of our investigators: how to detect, investigate, and protect yourself from the risk of it happening again 
  • learn how to strengthen your anti-fraud defenses using simple and effective tools 

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