The challenge

Selling online across borders can be challenging—but including multiple lines of business poses an even bigger challenge. Just ask our client Itzova Ltd., a Canadian workwear and clothing retailer using digital marketing to target the blue-collar community in Canada and the US. With different clothing lines made for trades workers and welders, they didn’t have a clear view into how each part of the business was performing, plus they were growing rapidly and required help with their tax and expansion needs.

The company required services that were not available from their original accountant and they were overwhelmed by the complexity and volume of tax requirements they faced in the US and Canada. Additionally, they were launching a private label whiskey in the US called Five Nine Whiskey—funded by profits from their clothing lines—and needed support setting the business-side up for continued growth.

How we helped

Delivered one-stop shop service for their accounting and tax needs, giving them peace of mind to focus on continuing to grow their business.

Structured the company to provide greater clarity into how each business line was performing as well as where they required support with Canadian and US tax planning needs.

Provided advice on how to structure their private whiskey operations.

With a large social media following that continues to help drive their rapid growth, our client needed more in-depth expertise to take their business to the next level. That’s where we came in to provide one-stop shop service for their accounting and tax needs. We discovered two distinct brands and advised on the reorganization of their corporate structure into two separate companies—Troll Co. Clothing and Welder Nation—to provide them with greater insight into how each operation was performing and measure success better.

We also helped identify where they required support with Canadian and US tax planning needs. We advised on the creation of an effective Canadian tax planning strategy to fulfill compliance obligations and collaborated with Grant Thornton US to create a tailored tax solution, since most of the company’s sales came from the US. We helped them identify their tax obligations for each state, set-up the appropriate registrations, and relieved the administrative burden of filing state tax returns for their controller.

With this deeper understanding of both companies, our client was able to focus on a new venture: a private label whiskey. We worked with their legal counsel to structure it and continue to help with strategic advice, including supporting their ongoing tax needs as they increase their presence in the US.

The impact

We offered Itzova Ltd. a one-stop shop for all their business needs—from tax support to guidance on office space and new employees.

With the peace of mind that they can rely on us to support any aspect of their businesses, they can continue focusing on growing their other business lines.

We’re proud to be a part of their growth story and excited for what they’ll come up with to wear and sip.

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