The challenge

Our client—a purpose-driven sleep solutions business that began their operations out of a converted garage—saw their already significant growth accelerate through the pandemic. Their success was the result of industry experience, identifying a fruitful niche, and opportune timing—but they needed strategic advice and coaching in digital integration, organizational management, and marketing to ensure that their technology and operational capabilities supported their growth objectives and opportunities.

How we helped

Identified that technology had not been integrated to the degree possible to support growth.

Identified areas of conflict and misalignment to give everyone an equal voice in shaping the business’ future.

Developed a plan to appropriately scale and connect the client’s existing applications.

Provided support through digital integrations, including their CRM, point-of-sale systems and e-commerce platform.

We reviewed their entire technology stack with a clear sense of the business’ growth path and objectives to optimize its capabilities and make recommendations for better integration. We identified that the technology had not been integrated to the degree possible—and would not support their significant growth trajectory.

We crafted a plan to appropriately scale and connect their existing applications and then supported them through significant digital integrations, including their CRM, point-of-sale systems, inventory management, financial software and—most significantly—the successful
integration of their e-commerce platform.

The impact

Over the course of our decade-long relationship with our client, we’ve had the pleasure of advising and coaching them throughout their meteoric growth from a single brick-and-mortar outfit to a successful mixed-model e-commerce operation.

Our coaching relationship has offered our client a consistent and objective sounding board to help them refine their purpose-driven culture, identify and resolve operational gaps and strategically plan for further growth. We’ve also helped them seize an exciting new opportunity—a space in a new large and prime retail location—and will continue to support them as they live their values and execute their growth plans with confidence.


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