Steve Bellamy
Faces of A Vibrant Community Steve Bellamy
From First Nations communities and long-time Islanders to new Canadians and international stars, the Centre welcomes diverse artists and audiences, giving them a chance to connect through their stories, cultures and perspectives.
Phil Ferraro
Faces of A Vibrant Community Phil Ferraro
From forging strong community connections to revitalizing farming culture in the city, the PEI Legacy Garden demonstrates what can happen when a passion for planting meets a thriving and committed community.
Alan Brown
Faces of A Vibrant Community Alan Brown
Many staff have become world class leaders, paying it forward and demonstrating what an engaging and inspirational impact Camp Gencheff has had on communities across PEI and North America.
Mike Cassidy
Faces of A Vibrant Community Mike Cassidy
One of the first and “makes it all worthwhile” fares was a single mother and her young daughter who were thrilled to go to the mall – with no car and no economic way of getting there, they hadn’t been in two years.
Mitch Cobb
Faces of A Vibrant Community Mitch Cobb
The rise of social enterprise means business and community can co-exist and it’s the way forward for building stronger, more vibrant communities.
Frank Costa
Faces of A Vibrant Community Frank Costa
What’s important for our clients is self-determination, being part of the decision making and contributing to creating a higher quality of life for themselves.
Rory Francis
Faces of A Vibrant Community Rory Francis
To succeed, every partner involved has to feel part of something bigger than themselves.
Chad Heron
Faces of A Vibrant Community Chad Heron
Seeing the number of people who had been directly impacted by mental health issues come in to get some ice cream and share their stories was amazing. People are looking for avenues to speak about mental health and remove the stigma. It was unbelievably moving.
Ellen Jones
Faces of A Vibrant Community Ellen Jones
As I rebuild I want to honour the process as much as I can. These foundations I'm building now — I'll fall back on during the storms which are sure to come. This is where the ground won't shake. This is where I'll regain my footing. This is where I'll launch.
Jillian Kilfoil
Faces of A Vibrant Community Jillian Kilfoil
It’s not about us, it’s about working together and helping our clients find their own power. The less visible we are, the more we can raise them up – and the community as a whole.
Bruce MacNaughton
Faces of A Vibrant Community Bruce MacNaughton
Today, the Gardens offer rest to the road-weary and the cottage provides respite to individuals and families dealing with life-threatening illness or compassion fatigue.
Chad Mann
Faces of A Vibrant Community Chad Mann
ADL is part of the lifestyle on PEI. Our brand is very closely connected to the population on PEI – it’s how we identify ourselves.
Flory Sanderson
Faces of A Vibrant Community Flory Sanderson
One 80-year-old woman who hadn’t spoken in 20 years connected so deeply with the Farm and a rabbit, named Roo, that everyone around her was astonished to hear her whisper, as she stroked the bunny’s fur: “I love you, Roo.”
Chef Michael Smith
Faces of A Vibrant Community Chef Michael Smith
Take a look at the communities around you and make sure you’re doing your best.
Kenny Zakem
Faces of A Vibrant Community Kenny Zakem
Today, Santa’s Angels has a 10-person organizing committee, 200 volunteers working throughout the year and 20 Santas and over 100 volunteers on Christmas morning alone, making dreams come true for people across PEI.