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    Energy consumption

    We engage in environmental activities where we feel we can have a direct impact. How we consume energy requires both collective and individual action. From energy efficient fixtures and HVAC systems, thermal and occupancy sensors to recycled equipment and furniture, we’re mindful of how we consume energy. When possible, our facility design work falls within LEED and WELL AP standards and we strive to sign leases following these practices. Through hybrid work, we’re using less energy as colleagues share spaces, and for 2023 we’re looking to identify sustainability champions (eco-performers) to help us do even better. 

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    Environmental actions

    Introducing environmental practices into our spaces not only will make for a better world, but we believe it will inspire our colleagues too. In 2023, we will introduce biophilia as we look to incorporate more plants and natural landscape features into our built environment. We’re also exploring other small but important actions such as specifying no-VOC or water-based paints in our buildings.

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    Procurement practices

    Our procurement policies align with environmental practices as we set up supplier codes of conduct, map ethics and performance parameters, and source environmentally friendly office supplies. Currently, we’re exploring the use of eco-friendly cleaning products to use in our facilities.  

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    Reducing waste and conserving more

    We’re more conscious of our waste management practices and have digitized most of our records, minimized single use plastics—opting for reusable products, and are using water pitchers not plastic bottles in meetings. We want our colleagues to take individual action too! We’ll be labelling our waste bins “landfill” to have colleagues think about their actions, and we’re encouraging them to use digital documents—where possible, double-sided recycled paper, and strive for wasteless lunches.  

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