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    Business ethics and integrity

    We believe that our individual and collective decisions have the potential to impact our clients and communities, making it important to foster a culture that places a high value on personal and organizational ethics and integrity. Our Culture Code and Ethics & Quality Control manual helps ensure our actions are consistent with our values by providing guidelines on how we work with each other, as well as our clients, suppliers, regulators, and other stakeholders. 

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    Data privacy and cybersecurity

    Data privacy and cybersecurity are interconnected at our Firm. We’ve implemented a variety of measures to help safeguard data and mitigate cyber threats, including establishing a cross-functional Information Security Governance Council, implementing multi-layered security with round the clock surveillance, and providing cybersecurity training for all colleagues. We continue to monitor and build a strong foundation of cybersecurity and data protection best practices to safeguard against evolving threats.

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    Technology and innovation

    As we consider the role of technology and innovation at our Firm, we know it should be a vital enabler of sustainability—from accelerating environmental goals to driving business value. Our Technology Investment Council is responsible for the development and implementation of our technology strategy and the use of applications in all key functional and practice areas. 

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    Risk management

    Our comprehensive enterprise risk framework—which has Board oversight—mitigates risk to our firm’s operations. We also have an evolving client acceptance process that evaluates potential engagements from a risk and integrity perspective.


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