Achieve cross-border goals with confidence

Cross-border tax planning can be stressful, time-consuming, and confusing—but we’re here to take that weight off your shoulders. With a broad understanding of Canadian and US tax laws and how they interact with each other, our advisors take a personalized approach to your specific cross-border needs. Whether you’re seeking a lifestyle change or looking to diversify your investments across the border, we can help you understand the tax implications involved so you can feel confident in your next big move.  

Personalized solutions backed by knowledge, experience, and expertise 

Our experienced advisors take the time to learn about your unique situation so that we can assess different scenarios and outcomes, optimize your strategy, and reduce your risk. We can help you:  

  • evaluate and plan for cross-border relocation  
  • structure investments in cross-border business or real estate for the purpose of minimizing your global effective tax rate and making the most of available foreign tax credits or deductions  
  • understand and plan for the transfer of wealth to a family member that lives across the border in a tax-efficient manner  

Please reach out to your Grant Thornton advisor if you would like to learn more or contact us here.

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Specialty Tax Practice Lead
Noreen Marchand