Align mobility strategies with your business objectives

In today’s competitive and global marketplace, your employee mobility strategy is a factor for success. International opportunities can help attract and retain talent and instill a global mindset across your organization. Your people truly are your most valuable asset, and we can help you navigate growing your expatriate team, hiring a remote employee, or preparing your business for a workforce that values flexibility and freedom more than ever before. A seamless global mobility program can help you achieve your business goals. 

Our experienced advisors can work with you to build a forward-looking global mobility strategy, along with programs and policies that address the challenges of managing an international workforce. We can help you: 

  • modernize internal policies and procedures to stay competitive with the evolving global mobility landscape 
  • understand and manage tax and payroll compliance unique to your business and workforce  
  • prepare your globally mobile assignees for the personal, professional, and logistical considerations of occasional, temporary or permanent relocation 
  • Our approach makes a world of difference 

Don’t let borders be barriers to the growth of your business. Drawing on the knowledge and insights of our global network of professionals, we can work with you to develop solutions that support you as your business expands into new markets or you build out your workforce. . 

Let us take the worry out of compliance and tax planning to minimize your risk and avoid potential double taxation. We offer a wide range of services to support businesses and individuals, including: 

For the organization 

  • tax compliance and advisory services 
  • strategic assignment planning 
  • budgeting and cost management 
  • coordination of global compliance and advisory services 
  • global compensation, pension, and benefit planning 

For your people 

  • arrival and departure briefings and compliance 
  • assistance with assessments and audits 
  • tax equalization and protection reconciliation 
  • knowledge of the overall impact of their assignment on their tax lives 

Please reach out to your Grant Thornton advisor if you would like to learn more or contact us here.