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As a Partner with Grant Thornton’s Advisory Services Group, I help our clients accelerate their business growth by designing and implementing effective business solutions. Specifically, I work to identify and tackle a vast array of business barriers in the go-to-market, sales and marketing, human capital management, performance improvement and digital transformation spaces.

I—like all members of the Advisory team—have a passion for taking things apart, understanding how they work and putting them back together (in a better state than they were before). Over the years I’ve developed this talent—first, in the technology sector, where, as a key leader, I helped a prominent company go public and achieve its aggressive growth ambitions. Next, as the founder and owner/operator of a high-growth boutique consulting firm—which was strategically acquired by Grant Thornton.

My entrepreneurial journey affords me a unique connection with my clients. Having travelled this road before—and acquire a broad range of industry expertise along the way—I’m able to identify their unique path to operational excellence, help them mitigate the associated risks and seize the opportunities required to execute it.

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